NIGHT RISERS (Horror, Art & Comic Com)

October 28-29, 2017 | Pritchard Community Center | 404 S. Mulberry Street | Elizabethtown, KY 42701

~Exhibitors & Vendors must be set up no later than 11am on Saturday.

1. Table space is NOT transferrable. No table will be fully reserved, or guaranteed, until payment is received. Checks returned for non-sufficient funds will incur a $35 fee, and may result in loss of table. Once payment is received, NO Refunds will be offered unless the Film Festival is cancelled by the Event Manager, or a disaster occurs preventing the event to take place.

2. By ordering a table, the Exhibitor/Vendor agrees their table will be operational and occupied at all times the event is open to the public (No Exceptions). Event staff will not be able to watch any Exhibitor’s/Vendor’s table.
*Liability waiver: Exhibitors/Vendors agree to discharge Izzy’s Little Creepers, and its staff,  from any lawsuits or claims based on property loss or damage.

3. Festival participants must have table completely set up, and operational, by 11am on Saturday, October 28. You must remain set up, and operational, during the entire event through 6pm on Sunday, October 29. If you must arrive late, or leave early, please let us know in advance or call the Event Manager: 270-735-2057. Failing to do so may result in a fine, and prevent the Exhibitor/Vendor from future consideration to participate in the Festival.

4. Changing assigned locations or spaces is NOT possible at the event. Adding racks, additional tables, or displays to your space is permitted as long as you do not exceed the boundary of your paid space (including into the aisles or other exhibitor’s space).  Assigned booth locations may not change without Izzy’s Little Creepers approval.

5. Each Exhibitor/Vendor will be granted only two weekend passes. These passes will allow entry into the event all three days, with no special entry to events that may require an additional fee. Additional people, and those not indicated in advance, may have to pay full admission for entry. Please contact us if you have any questions.

6. Izzy’s Little Creepers has the right to refuse, or remove, any displays or displayed material we may find inappropriate for public viewing (including, but not limited to, pornographic or extremely graphic in nature). This is intended to be a family friendly event, and all Exhibitors/Vendors will recognize it as so. Please notify us in advance if you may have any material you think may be offensive.

7. Selling of copyrighted material, trade marks, or other intellectual property rights used without proper authorization, is not endorsed or permitted. All material sold by Exhibitors/Vendors are strictly from one collector to another with no rights implied. Izzy’s Little Creepers is not to be held responsible for any merchandise bought, sold, or traded on the Izzy’s Little Creepers Film Festival premises.

8. Any Exhibitor/Vendor or member of Exhibitor/Vendor who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and displays any disruptive behavior, will be asked to leave with NO refund given on any fees paid in advance.

9. Good Neighbor Policy: Exhibitors/Vendors are asked to observe the “Good Neighbor Policy”. Conduct or sales should be conducted in a manner not to be objectionable or offensive to neighboring Exhibitors/Vendors. If you intend to play loud music or drum during the festival, please indicate so on the agreement, so that we may place you accordingly.

10. The following are NOT permitted: open flames (candles must be inside glass containers), helium balloons, distribution or use of adhesive backed decals, glitter, or confetti. Pins, tacks, or glue are NOT to be used on tables, linens, drapery, or walls at any time. Repair costs will be incurred by participant causing damages.

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