michael-elviraLocated in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Izzy’s Little Creepers,LLC was founded in June 2009; originally as a gothic art studio at the Mellwood Art Center in Louisville. Izzy’s was home to 41 local artists, before closing it’s doors in June 2011.  After taking a year off to retool the company, we became a Haunted Attractions and Events company, beginning with creating the first ever Elizabethtown Zombie Fest in 2012.

Izzy’s created the award winning Stitch Factory haunted house(2012-2013), and is also the creator of  the Night Risers Film Festival & Expo(2013), which is held at the Pritchard Community Center. Along with the amazing vendors, artists and film makers that come out every year, they have added celebrities as well. Butch Patrick(aka Eddie Munster), Pat Priest(aka Marilyn Muster), and the ‘Officially Endorsed’ travelling Munster Koach and Drag-u-la Dragster were our special guests in 2014 and 2015. John Russo, and Eugene Clark joined Butch and Pat in 2015.  Several local non-profit/charities benefit from this event as well.

We also created the award winning Lost Trail of Terror, and the Maize of Lost Souls haunted corn maze in 2015. We are currently looking for a new, more permanent, location for our haunts. We will adding custom made props for haunted houses and home use, including: electric chairs, guillotines, coffins, and more.